Women Unleashed

is a bold young Namibian interior design and manufacturing company with a passion for relevant and empowering design and service delivery.

One-stop Approach

Our Vision

100% Namibian

As a home-grown Namibian company, WU is committed to seeking out and developing local skills wherever we are engaged across the country. Local artists and designers are therefore given precedence and we proudly and successfully aim at our final installations being as close to 100% Namibian-made as humanly possible.

Drawing from the well of local creative ingenuity infuses our designs with the beauty and vibrancy of Namibia’s landscape, wildlife and cultural diversity, but also allows us to come up with more contextually apt design solutions. This includes prioritising environmentally friendly materials.

Make Namibia part of your next project with a WU Design!

Our Mission

100% Unique

We believe that every client is unique and therefore every project should be unique too.

We achieve this by keeping our designs and products exclusive to one project, giving every space a singular identity.

Colours 2018

Blue and Gold

The colours that inspire us this year are greatly influenced by the beautiful country we live in and love so passionately.

Lapis Blue

Strong and confident, this intense blue conveys energy and radiance. It reminds us of early evenings, just after sunset when the desert sky darkens and calls forth the mysteries of the night.

Primrose Yellow

An inviting golden yellow like the warm Namibian sunshine.
It conjures joy and warmth and fills us with enthusiasm.

Our Aim

Local Design and Manufacture that Matters

We believe in:
unleashing local talent
fresh design
green thinking
unique enthralling outcomes